Jump from 3500m
Jump from 3500m

58 BGN

Jump from 3000m
Jump from 3000m

52 BGN

Hop and Pop Jump from 1200m
Hop and Pop Jump from 1200m

30 BGN

Welcome, skydivers!

We welcome skydivers at any levels to join our Skydiving family! 

Herein you can find information about booking with us and fun jump pricing:


Funjump prerequisites:  

  • Skydiving Logbook
  • License * (in case you would like to jump with other skydivers that are not instructors)
  • Valid Insurance Third Party Liability
  • If using own parachute - the Reserve must be packed by a certified rigger within the past 12 months. You must present the parachute’s Logbook for us to verify this.

* We accept licenses issued by both nationally and internationally recognized entities/organizations/federations. For more information or questions please contact us at or +359 888 05 27 00

 Fun jump pricelist:

  • Fun jump from 3500m. – 65 BGN.
  • Fun jump from 3000m. – 60 BGN.
  • Hop and Pop from 1200m. – 32 BGN.
  • Coach Jump/License Jump 

Gear Pricelist **:

  • Parachute rent per jump – 30 BGN.
  • Full gear per jump – 40 BGN.
  • Parachute rent per day – 55 BGN.
  • Full gear per day – 70 BGN.
  • Main Pack – 12 BGN.
  • Reserve Pack – 70 BGN.

** There are special prices for Skydiving Bulgaria Club members. If you are interested in becoming a member please proceed to Skydiving Club to learn more.

Our most important message is to have fun and leave the dropzone safe and sound at the end of the day so we can be back in the sky as soon as possible!