Skydiving Club

Skydiving Bulgaria CLUB

Our Club welcomes skydivers at any level or coming from any country to join our growing Skydiving family!  

How a Member can benefit?

  • You can use our parachute inventory and skydiving gear for free.
  • You get access to preferential prices from our Partners when purchasing skydiving gear.
  • Option to get discounts for skydiving training and classes.
  • Free branded gift with the Club logo!

Membership Terms:

  • Successfully completed AFF, IAD, S/L training;
  • Paid membership fee – 120 BGN;
  • Comply strictly with established safety procedures at all times;
  • Positive and open attitude toward the sport and fellow skydivers;

How do you become a Member: 

We love the sky. We praise your opinion. We never compromise with safety.  

Blue Skies and see you in the Club!