In March 2019, organized the first training camp for skydiver and AFF students in the vertical wind tunnel Hurricane Factory - Slovakia. Our group of 12 people managed to fly their 13 hours in just 3 days!
The Vertical Tunnel is a great simulator for acquiring and enhancing the skills of beginner and advanced skydivers. The conditions in the tunnel are as close as those in free fall, air speed is identical - about 180-200km/h.
One session lasts two and a half minutes and equals during the free fall of almost 3 skydiving jumps! Instructors work with the student to demonstrate exercises, give him signals when he needs corrections, same thing would take dozens of jumps in the air. Each session is recorded by cameras and an individual debriefing is done for each.
Flying in the tunnel requires good physical condition - this is important information for beginners who have so far had no experience with Indoor skydiving.
Experienced people have been able to improve their skills in the air and learn interesting new things. AFF students helped their upcoming course by working out all the exercises needed to successfully pass the program.
Everybody in the group was provoking themselves, they were diligent and most of all realized that flying was a pleasure.
Most importantly, everyone enjoyed the experience!
The next level: The Blue Sky!