Do you have an office location I could visit?

No, you could purchase our skydiving products from our website and choose your preferred payment method – by Bank transfer, credit/debit Visa or MasterCard.

Where is the dropzone?

We skydive at:

- Draganovtsi Airfiled (main location) - Google maps

- Ihtiman Airfiled (every last weeked of the month) - Google maps

Do you offer some kind of transportation to the Dropzone?

Airfield is best accessible by own means of transportатион. 

Is there a coffee shop or restaurant at the Dropzone?

We offer coffee and soft drinks. As for food, feel free to bring on anything you’d like with you.

How much time should I plan for my Tandem jump?

You should plan to stay at the Dropzone for approximately 2 hours. This is in case there is no weather related delays or air traffic related temporary hold off. Please make sure you arrive at the Dropzone at least 30 minutes prior to your booked time slot so that your instructor can prepare you for your jump and give you some instructions. The duration of the jump, flight and freefall inclusive, is approximately 35 minutes. Under canopy time is 5-6 minutes.  


What is the weight limit?

You should weigh 100kg or less.

What is the age limit?

If you are 16-18 years old, or below the legal age, at least one of your parents/guardians must accompany you at the Dropzone and sign an informed consent for you. Persons below 16 years old are not allowed to jump.

We may require you to verify your age with a valid photo ID document. There is no upper age limit as long as you are healthy and fit. 

I am coming with a friend; can we jump at the same time?

The airplane can accommodate 4 skydivers at a time. In case you have 2 tandems booked with no external video and/or photos and you book the same time slots you can be together in one load. In case you have external video and/or photo you will be in separate loads to accommodate the cameraman.

Can I bring my own GoPro or camera with me on the jump?

No, you are much too busy with your skydive to look after your cameras. Due to safety measures all personal items are forbidden. 

At what velocity do we freefall?

The average speed of freefall, or terminal velocity, is 200km/h.

At what height do you jump out of the airplane?

Typically, around 3000-3500m. above ground level.

What happens with my Tandem if the weather is bad?

Skydiving is a weather dependant sport. We will get in touch with you if we have preliminary information that weather will not allow for skydiving and find for you another suitable date and time to do your Tandem. Sometimes there are sudden changes in weather that we cannot predict- in such cases you can opt to either wait at the Airfield for weather improvement, or we can re-book you for another date and time slot as convenient. And if you cannot do your Tandem regardless,  we will return the paid amount. 

Can weather аffect the outcome of my media package?

In most cases weather does not affect the outcome of your video and pictures however there are a few circumstances that it can

-like great amplitude in temperatures at surface level and 3000-3500m.

-Cold: If the ground temperatures are below/around freezing you will need to wear a winter hat and neck warmer that may cover your face.  If getting the best shot of you skydiving is a high priority you may want to consider scheduling when temperatures are warmer.   

-High Overcast:  We cannot jump through clouds but on occasion the overcast cloud layer is above our lowest tandem jump altitude.  The overcast layer may cause your photo and video to be a bit darker than if it were a sunny day. 

If you have any questions feel free to call or email.

How should I dress?

Comfortable sports outfit for the season and training shoes that can be tightened. 

What is the best season to skydive?

It is always a good time to skydive! Normally, the season spans from April until November provided that we have proper weather conditions. So it all depends on you!

Can I jump if I have a medical condition?

You will need to seek medical advice from your doctor before jumping. We can tell you what to expect but ultimately the decision will be up to you.

Can I skydive by myself?

You can, if you passed skydiving course and you hold skydiving license. If you are interested in skydiving as a sport we offer various student training courses. Check out our Skydiving School section.

What is the validity of the purchased Tandem/Voucher?

Validity is 6 months considered from the purchase date. There is an option to extend the validity no less than 30 days prior to the current expiry date. Please contact us. 

What payment methods can I use?

Our website supposrts the most common payment methods - you can either pay using your credit/debit Visa or MasterCard; or alternatively you can pay via bank transfer.


What should I expect after payment?

You will receive an email confirmation lisitng your purchase/Voucher details.  Each purchase/Voucher has a unique ID number, which you need to use when you book you time and date in our system.

Even if you do not bring the printed Voucher or confirmation, this is okay -  all you need to present at the Airfield is the unique ID number. 

Can I cancel my Purchase/Voucher and get a refund?

You can cancel your Purchase/Voucher with no penalties applied in 14 days from the purchase date and no less that 24 hours prior to your booked date and time slot.