Skydiving School

Skydiving Course (AFF)

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Skydiving Courese (IAD)

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Skydiver students are trained using on of the following methods:

  • Accelerated Freefall  (AFF) Training In our Accelerated Freefall course, you start from the top and work your way down. Accelerated Freefall is the most modern method of skydive training. It is called “accelerated” because the progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall.How does the first jump go? This training discipline is where certified instructors accompany the student in freefall holding onto the student's harness at first while the student demonstrates certain skills. The farther you progress, the more we can let you go! Freefall takes about 45 seconds, depending on jump altitude, typically 3500m. The student opens his own parachute and pilots it to the landing area. Each AFF category is designed to take at least one jump. After successfully performing the objectives of each category, you move on to the next category. Once you have completed all seven AFF categories, you will be cleared to skydive without an instructor present! It doesn’t end there! As a solo skydiver, you will practice and hone your skills by yourself and in small groups until you obtain a minimum of 25 jumps and qualify for your A License.
  • Instructor Assisted Deployment and Static line (IAD) Training* With the Instructor Assisted Deployment, you start from the bottom and work your way up. The benefit of the IAD method is that each sequential jump builds slowly on the skills learned in the previous jumps with the first set of jumps skipping freefall and starting right off with canopy deployment. This allows the student to concentrate on each individual aspect of their dive without being overwhelmed.After a day in our classroom you will be trained to take your first skydive. You’ll climb to around 1100 m. where you’ll exit the airplane solo and focus on piloting your canopy safely to the ground. After you’ve learned to safely pilot your canopy, you’ll gradually add in freefall skills as you go incrementally higher with each successive jump.

* At the moment our website offers booking option only for AFF. If you are interested in booking IAD course, please contact us or +359 888 05 27 00.

Mandatory conditions:

- You must be at least 18 years old, or the legal age if foreign citizen;

- You must provide a medical declaration (Medical)

- You must have a valid Insurance Third Party Liability

Both AFF and IAD courses start with theoretical part, including parachute structure, landing procedures, safety procedures and other. Theory classes usually take approximately 8 hours. After the classes you need to sit your exam and pass it before you can do your first jump.

How to choose your preferred training method:

General: The quickest method. A cheaper method as compared to AFF.
Progression: More tasks and things to remember during first jump;
Progressing from jump with two instructors balancing you, to one instructor only, until solo jumps
Less tasks during first couple of jumps;
Progressing from no free fall and immediate parachute deployment by instructor to solo freefall and self-deployment. 
Ground School: 8 school hours theory and practical part 8 school hours theory and practical part
Instructors: Jump with  two instructors balancing student Solo jump assisted by one instructor
Free Fall: Freefall from 3000-3500m. (30-45 seconds) at first jump. Freefall after jump 6.
Deployment: Student deploys parachute. Instructor assists deloyments during first couple of jumps.
Canopy Control: Student steers parachute. Student steers parachute.
Videos: First AFF jump First IAD jump