What is AFF course and five reasons to sign up now


AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall and is one of the most popular methods to train skydivers in Bulgaria and worldwide. This is because the AFF allows you to experience the free fall from your very first jump!

The training method is based on a series of levels, each of which helps you develop your skills and become more confident as you near the course completion!

If you’d like to taste the feeling of free fall and experience what it is like to control your own parachute from the start, AFF is exactly for you!

During your first three jumps, two instructors will accompany you, their aim is to stabilize you and help you assume the correct body position. Afterwards you will fly with one instructor only. Your instructors will train you in the sky by using hand signals, will do "dry drills" with you before each jump, and jump analysis after each one of them. This is a great way to learn, especially if you are highly motivated and are looking for a rapid progression!

Here are our five reasons to sign up for an AFF course at Sko4i.bg:

1) Achieve something awesome, that others find just ... appaling!

One of the main reasons why people sign up for an AFF course is because of the sense of achievement.

Honestly, jumping from an airplane is a serious job. Whether you are afraid of heights or not, the idea of ​​abandoning a perfectly functioning airplane mid-flight is crazy!

That's why so many people starting an AFF course get a sense of great achievement. You will be incredibly proud not only of your ability to overcome yourself, but also of the ever more perfect control you will achieve in the course of the training and every jump after completion of the course. Just think how remarkable the fact is that you are in control of your body as you free fall  at 200 km / h!


2) Have fun beyond your wildest fantasies!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Sure enough one of the most common answers to this question is - The ability to fly.

And what does skydiving give us?  Exactly - The ability to fly.

In essence, the AFF course gives you access to a "superpower" that most people would like to have, but somehow they are too afraid ask for it!

Something that many people do not realize about skydiving is that we actually have higher level of control over our bodies when we free fall. We can actually move around through the sky in a direction willingly chosen by us, we can slow down or accelerate our fall and all this by simply changing our body position! Remarkable, isn’t it?


3) Gain a new perspective!

Have you ever come back home after hard working day, week...month... and realize that the stress and the fatigue of the day still lingers on? In today's modern world, it is becoming a norm to feel that constant stress, it has gravely become your best friend, consuming all your senses.

At 3000m. above ground, things look brighter though! Ask any skydiver if they ever get to worry about chores when falling at 200 km / h. I bet the answer is No! All worries, tension, all to-do-lists, trivial (or not) problems will vanish as soon as you get to the dropzone and out of the airplane. That's what makes skydiving so relaxing and addictive!


4) Learn a great new skill!

Like any other sport, you can progress and continue to improve your skydiving skills. Upon completion of the AFF, you can upgrade to various different levels that allow you to fly with other skydivers, do water or night jumps, and for the most avid – you can turn this hobby in to a career and become a certified skydiving instructor.

The AFF course is just the first little step to a whole new world! Once you try, you will see how much you can learn about flying... Pure fun, starting with the arrival at the airport!


5) Meet new friends!

The skydiving community is huge! It extends beyond borders - people around the world share their love for this incredible sport and come together. Once you start the AFF course, you will get an immediate and no return access to this community and you will inevitably encounter amazing new fellows!

All skydivers have several traits that bind us together:

First, we love our sport and we are super addicted to it!

Second, we all aspire to do something out of the box - we are not happy with the "conventional" hobbies, and instead we choose to do something that gives us an entirely new perspective on the world in the most thrilling way!

Third, we all just love to have fun! We spend good amount of time together during our skydiving days and we often stay at the Dropzone afterwards to share bites and beers, bring in our families and friends and share a good laugh!


We will be happy if you become part of our community and we are sure that you already love the idea!


 Blue Skies,

 Sko4i.bg Team